Sculpture at Kingham Lodge during Oxfordshire Artweeks 5th-13th May 2018

Susie Wilson
Horses head

Susie Wilson

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At a chance meeting at the Devon Art Workshop of the Society of Equestrian Artists to try and learn how to draw a horse Susie met Scilla Hann, the sculptor who invited her to a three day course run by her and Judy Boyt.  The result was 'Friends in Summer, Rivals in Winter', which Susie created for her husband's 50th birthday.  Since then, she has not looked back,

Susie has a passion for animals and using her sensitivity to read the body language of humans and animals, is able to capture the essence of her subjects.  Susie says 'it may seem dotty, but you have to feel your subject from inside and translate it into your piece.  You have to find the passion and understand it'.

Susie has been guided by Scilla Hann, Tessa Campbell-Fraser, and Gill Parker , all of whom she wants to thank sincerely for opening a whole new world.  But there is one person who has given Susie enormous encouragement and inspiration that is Judy Boyt.