Sculpture at Kingham Lodge during Oxfordshire Artweeks 5th-13th May 2018

Seed Pod
Oak Tree

Christopher Townsend

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Christopher has been working in metal for some time drawing his inspiration from the trees of the Wychwood Forest, the ancient forest in Oxfordshire that once covered a large area including Ascott-Under-Wychwood, the location of Christopher's studio.  The sculptures can be free-standing but most are done as wall art.  All are different and unique.  They can be done in a range of sizes according to what is appropriate for the space they are to be exhibited in, and differently finished:

  • Silver - natural steel colour created, powder coated to seal.
  • Bronzed - hand painted and finished with a bronze gilt.
  • Galvanised - zinc dipped and T-washed.
  • Powder coated - polyester coating baked on to the surface of the metal (colours available).

Christopher graduated from Liverpool University in 1996, with a first class combined honours degree in Fine Art and Psychology His work at the moment is concerned with challenging sculptural space, through the creation of work which is wall, ceiling or floor based. Throughout his work there is a base awareness and interest in line, form and balance.

There is also a strong influence of the sea and things watery in his work born from visits to Devon and Cornwall and perhaps a desire to live by the sea.  Other influences on his work include Tai chi and kick boxing which helped with the understanding of balance of the human form, and aids concentration and vigour.