Sculpture at Kingham Lodge during Oxfordshire Artweeks 5th-13th May 2018

Ronal Farren-Price
Femal Torso

Andrew Freidin

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Andrew Freidin is a self-taught sculptor, originally from Australia, having settled in the UK in 2006.


Andrew works in the figurative tradition, making portraits and sculptures of the nude, working principally in wax which he then casts in bronze or carves in marble. Much of his work is inspired by music, a field in which he has worked professionally as a performer. He addresses the relationship between musical works, various literary ideas and his sculpture in the notes to be found on his website.


Drawing is central to Andrew's approach. The pleasure of looking and seeing beauty in the most commonplace thing, is a sensation that is enhanced by the physical activity of drawing. To echo the movement of the wind or the curve of a leaf, or a sinew in a body – through an artistic gesture - is a physical experience that connects one to the world in a special way. Since childhood he has been drawing incessantly and finds delight in every contour and every nuance of light and shade.


In a sense his sculpture is an extension of this, as the precision, expressiveness and subtlety of his work attests.


Andrew has completed a number of private portrait-sculpture commissions and he finds this work especially challenging and satisfying. Please look at his website, and feel free to contact him to discuss commissioning portraits or other works.



Contact details:

Mobile:        07881 995546