Sculpture at Kingham Lodge during Oxfordshire Artweeks 5th-13th May 2018

Minotaur Bronze edition of 6 H200x90x80cm
Big Bully  Bronze
Charging Minotaur  Bronze  2/3  110x60x60
Morning Love  Bronze Edition 12  H30x12x12

Antonio Lopez Reche

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Antonio's work is an eclectic incursion into the language of sculpture.  For the past fifteen years, he has been experimenting with  figurative and non figurative work.  He has developed a body of figurative work inspired by Western  tradition, often relating to Mediterranean mythology and folk tales, in  which his interest in expressive tool marks and spontaneous modeling with  materials such as clay, wax or plaster, translates into bronze, capturing  the immediacy and rawness of the material.  

Antonio also has a deep interest in a more conceptual line of work in  which, still using mostly bronze casting, the repeated reproduction of an object,  sometimes created by the artist, sometimes snatched from our immediate  daily life, creates a new form. Although these pieces start with the  fascination with the chosen object, soon  the repetition and  organization of these elements create a new dimension far from the  original object.