Sculpture at Kingham Lodge during Oxfordshire Artweeks 21st-30th May 2016

Carole Andrews
Franchetti Green

Carole Andrews

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Twist, pull, crease, pinch and stretch; sculpture emerges by my
restless fingers exploring the potential of aluminium, roofing felt,
resin and steel. I use techniques from origami and needlework to tease
organic form from flexible materials. The result is complex fluid
sculpture that sits harmoniously in the natural world and invites a
second look.

The diversity of coral formations remembered from scuba diving over
coral reefs, minute plants thriving amongst jungle undergrowth and the
pleasure of walking through my own garden all inform my work.

I have a Degree in Fine Art and am a Fellow of the Royal British
Society of Sculpture. My work is shown widely around the country,
including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, toured to the USA and is
in private collections in Europe, Jersey and the UK.

My sculpture is suitable for both exterior and interior display and can
be finished in any desired colour. I am more than happy to chat
informally about commissioned pieces.