Sculpture at Kingham Lodge during Oxfordshire Artweeks 5th-13th May 2018

Marie-Annick Jubé

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Marie-Annick was born in France and has lived in the UK since 1992. Her artistic flair became apparent during her time as a Marketing Manager for an Oxfordshire based IT company. When she was made redundant she was then able to follow that calling and complete a Foundation Course in Art and Design. She discovered that sculpture was her forte and that she responded best to natural materials, hence her inclination to work with clay or papier-mâché.

“The natural world has always played a major part in my life ... it's my source of inspiration and nourishes my soul ... when I immerse myself with nature I truly connect to the creator within.”

Marie-Annick exhibited her first papier-mâché sculptural work entitled ‘Victory’ at Restore (a mental health recovery charity) during their Art Week in 2014. Following her many years of health struggles, this sculpture represented her determination to literally find her two feet, ground herself, and be present in the world. This transformative art work has manifested in reality. She now uses her experience in that field in her work as a volunteer Art Facilitator for mental health organisations such as Eve Women's Wellbeing Project, Restore, and Root & Branch.

In addition to her Art and Design training, Marie-Annick has a Foundation Degree in Writing for Performance. Her connection with nature and the mystery of life influenced her decision to write a site-specific play set at The Rollright Stones. This was performed at the 2015 Summer Solstice celebrations.

Marie-Annick’s ambition is to establish herself as a professional artist, writer and workshop facilitator, using her own journey to inspire others to claim and walk their true path.