Sculpture at Kingham Lodge during Oxfordshire Artweeks 5th-13th May 2018

Square Pear

Richard Cresswell

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My abstract and figurative work has always been large sculptural and outdoors which is where I find inspiration, I  have a love of nature’s  curves which appear everywhere I look, in plants and trees in rivers rocks and the sky or the human body.

I work exclusively in metal as it is a material I know well and have worked with most of my life.

With metal I do like using its inherent properties of colour, plasticity, tension and finish rarely using any applied finishes like paint to work but using what the material is capable of such as oxidising, accepting a texture or a mirror finish.

At present more than half of my output is Kinetic being moved usually by wind and air currents and occasionally water. For me adding any sort of movement to a piece has to give it and the viewer a sense of calm and tranquillity and grace.

I gained a degree in fine art at Warwick college and Birmingham City University.


It has taken me many years since then to develop my work to the point where I usually know what sort of a feel I want a piece to have before I start, this doesn't mean it ends up exactly as I had envisaged at the beginning and most sculptures are influenced by many happy accidents and discoveries along the way sometimes branching off in to a whole new piece.