Sculpture at Kingham Lodge during Oxfordshire Artweeks 5th-13th May 2018

Foliage 1
Foliage VII

Diana Roles

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Diana's work created as a result of her observations of the constant changes taking place in her garden. She records the seasons from the tightly closed, almost hidden, forms of early spring through to the dying, withered forms of winter. Often drawing on the influences of Greco/Roman architecture to which she then introduces organic references creating a juxtaposition between natural and formal which also reflects her interest in the warmth and movement of Art Nouveau design. The rhythmic shapes and patterns of plants provide inspiration for a series of less structured pieces which form a large part of her production.

Diana's work, which is strongly thematic, involves the production of large ceramic forms, intended for siting in environmental spaces. Its objective is to enrich the garden environment with elegance and interest. Scale is integral to her purpose in that the work must have a sympathetic presence in the garden, reflecting but not dominating its intrinsic mood.
 All the pieces are fired to stoneware temperature making them very durable and resistant to most climatic conditions. The work is finished with very dry muted glazes.