Sculpture at Kingham Lodge during Oxfordshire Artweeks 5th-13th May 2018

Choir Singers

Nicholas Kadzungura

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Born in 1967 Nicholas trained with Damian Manuhwa who was well known for his accuracy sculpting animals.  In his past Nicholas has also worked in the Department of Zoology at Zimbabwe University and so developed an understanding in the bone structure of animals and the composition of their bodies.  This and other experiences lead Nicholas to explore in technical detail the subjects he sculpts which include social commentaries such as 'The Kiss' and 'Singers'.  

In 2002 Nicholas wrote 'It is not only the surface of a person which matters, it is what is found inside that person.  it is the same with a stone, it is not only the outside of the stone which matters, it is what can be found inside....There is no stone without something to say, there is no sculptor without something to talk about.'